Protect Your Art From Theft

Protect Your Art
from Theft in Web3!

Whether you create NFTs, digital art or prints, DeviantArt Protect will safeguard your art with the power of AI.

Simply join the Beta and upload your images to a secure account.

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Protect Your Art from Theft in Web3!

Art by @avisnocturna

How it Works

DeviantArt Protect scans NFTs to catch art theft in Web3.

Our AI technology paired with human oversight identifies potential infringements of near-identical matches to your art.
We send you real-time alerts with an automated DMCA takedown link so you can take immediate action.

Follow these four easy steps to safeguard your art with DeviantArt Protect:


Create a DeviantArt Protect account.


Upload your NFT or art images.


Get alerts for NFTs similar to your art.


Send a DMCA takedown request to the NFT marketplace.

Art by fongshader

* The data is updated since August 2021.
* DeviantArt Protect scans the following Blockchains: Ethereum, Klaytn, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Palm, Solana, Tezos & Flow.


Blockchains Indexed

480 Million+

NFTs Scanned


Infringements Identified

Powered by the Protect Protocol

The Protect Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain standard utilized to safeguard creators against art theft in Web3. It is used to identify, communicate about, and respond to potentially infringing NFTs and NFT collections, as well as to verify trusted NFTs and NFT collections.

The Protect Protocol is a DeviantArt-led initiative currently in alpha use by the DeviantArt Protect service and select partners. 

Making Web3 Safer for All Creators

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